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Alternatives to College


Alternatives to College

There are a vast number of career training alternatives to college.  They, in fact, are far more financially rewarding and are far more stable in regard to employment longevity.  Understand, the typical university on average offers only 86 majors.  Just 86 careers to choose from.  Yet there are over 12,000 unique careers that are largely ignored by high school guidance counselors and university admissions officers.  https://www.careerplanner.com/ListOfCareers.cfm#:~:text=Actually%20we%20have%20more%20than,careers%20grouped%20by%20similar%20occupations.

Career Training Alternatives to College

For example, trade schools offer a wealth of career training alternatives to college.  Programs such as nuclear technician, commercial diver, and dental hygienist.    Then too, there are over 26,000 apprenticeship programs that are offered nationwide.  The cool thing about apprenticeships is that the student is PAID to learn and to apply the skills they have learned in a real job setting.

Other career training alternatives to college that are often overlooked are cyber bootcamps, entrepreneuring, and the sales profession.  In fact, the highest paid profession in the world is sales, and one doesn’t always need a college degree to enter the profession.  And if you have an eye for a product or service that can fill a need that is going unfulfilled, entrepreneuring is a wonderful career path.  Also, there are a plethora of cyber bootcamps that can get a student up and running in cyber security or coding in no time. And some schools do not require a tuition payment until the student has graduated and has landed a job.

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