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The College Scam- 4 Big Lies

The College Myth Hurts Millions Of Students- 4 BIG Lies!

The college myth has been fed to generations of students and their parents. Kids go to college hoping to gain a great education- a career path to success. Very few students benefit from a college degree. The college myth hurts millions of students with its 4 BIG Lies! Kids enter college filled with dreams but their dreams are only to be shattered by losing their faith in God and country, They spend years studying for a career and end up with massive student debt.

The College Myth Makes Students Question Their Faith In God And Country

If it is important to you that your kids maintain faith in God and country, don’t send them to college where their faith can be destroyed. If you believe in God and in freedom; there is a good chance that your kids won’t believe in either by the time they get a college degree.

The College Teaches Kids That College Will Give Them A Successful Career Path

The college myth teaches young children that college will give them a successful career path. In reality, there are over 12,000 occupations to choose from. Accordingly, Harvard University only offers its students a choice between 58 majors!  Harvard Programs

The College Myth Gives Students Massive Student Debt

Even more, how does a young adult pay off $150,000+ debt and financially support himself  with one of these Harvard degrees?

  • African and African American Studies
  • Folklore and Mythology
  • Comparative Study of Religion
  • East Asian Studies
  • History of Art and Architecture
  • Social Studies
  • Romance Languages and Literature
  • Environmental Studies
  • The Classics
  • Women, Gender and Sexuality      

How can Harvard to even charge its students an outrageous tuition to study these subjects when they can be studied online for free?

The best way to avoid the college myth is to set your sights on the 12,000 plus career train opportunities that are offered outside the college arena.  www.AnythingButCollege.com