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Be Careful What You Learn in College

Be Careful What You Learn in College

Most Colleges Hurt Students

It is shocking when you find out that college has hurt your kids. You sent them to college dreaming of their great success. You want them to make a great income. You expect them to have all of the advantages in life .Instead, you find out that they took useless courses that added to their massive student debt and did not lead to jobs that create a high income.You had no idea that most colleges would hurt students!

How Does College Hurt Students?

Harvard University sets the standard. Harvard only offers its students a choice between 58 undergraduate degrees—just 58 careers to choose from:  https://www.harvard.edu/programs/  Don’t limit your kids to only 58 careers. Stop enrolling your child in a college that hurts students. Give them thousands of options that won’t hurt them in the long run. Our country offers its young adults over 12,000 careers to choose from.

A Great Number Of Harvard’s University Degrees Are Useless

  • For example, how does a young adult pay off his $150,000+ debt, and financially support himself with a Harvard degree in:
  • African and African American Studies
  • Folklore and Mythology
  • Comparative Study of Religion
  • East Asian Studies
  • History of Art and Architecture
  • Social Studies
  • Romance Languages and Literature
  • Environmental Studies
  • The Classics, or Women
  • Gender and Sexuality 

Harvard University is hurting students by charging them outrageous tuition to study these subjects when they can be studied online for free!

Stop Letting College Hurt Students And Find Out About The 12,000 Career Choices Outside Of College

There is a way to avoid hurting your kids through Harvard University and other colleges.  Have your kids set their sights on the 12,000 plus career train opportunities that are offered outside the college arena.  www.anythingbutcollege.com