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Universities Indoctrinate Students

Universities Indoctrinate Students

Universities Indoctrinate Students and train them to think with one sided views. If students give an opposing view to the teacher, they fear that their grade will be jeopardized and they could be ridiculed in front of other classmates. They may be called names that are unfair and completely untrue. That being said, in reality 57% of students believe their college would defend a speaker’s right to express his or her views. In the case of a controversy over ‘offensive’ expression, yet a disturbingly large minority, 42%, believe their college would punish the speaker for making the statement.

Indoctrination Creates Universities Which Promote a One-Sided View

Our nation’s universities promote a one-sided view when it comes to politics and social norms.  KPC News Article Surveys show that 72% of those teaching at American universities and colleges are liberal and 28% are conservative.  The disparity is even more pronounced at the most elite schools.  According to a study, 87% of faculty are liberal and 13% are conservative.  The outcome of this one-sided disparity is that the college experience is making students more liberal (not smarter) about civics.  Many graduates of American colleges cannot answer basic civics questions. A higher education makes their opinions more liberal on controversial social issues according to a new report issued by an academic think tank, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Students Are Now More Liberally Opinionated From Being Indoctrinated

The study showed that many students are more liberally opinionated on current divisive social issues. Issues such as racism, gay and women’s rights, illegal immigration, gun legislation, socialism vs. capitalism, and so on. They are less inclined to know the facts and histories that encircle these issues.  Often a professor’s liberal position on hot-button issues will be disseminated in her classroom as fact.  Opinions that counter her opinions may be ridiculed or shut down.  But clearly understand—it is not for any professor, liberal or conservative, to propagandize their personal opinion as an unquestionable verity. Rather, it is her job to help her students master the tools and skills that will allow them to determine for themselves their own convictions.

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